Cubby Replacement Guide


This guide covers all steps involved with removing the center console, removing the cubby storage compartment and replacing it with your new tablet assembly, and restalling the components to complete the tablet installation.  This process is probably the easiest part of the installation and can easily be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.   I recommend using a small magnetic tray to capture screws before starting as it will save you much time and frustration!   You can pick these up from any auto parts store for a few bucks and they are well worth the money.


1. Removing the center console assembly


1.1  Grasp the back of the shifter bezel ring at the rear and lift up.  Apply painter tape or other material underneat to prevent scratches 


1.2  This will expose two black Philips screws on each side securing the lower console side panels.  Remove these screws and pop-out the side


1.3  This will expose a black Philips screw on each side which secures the bottom of the center console trim.  Remove these two screws and

        gently lift the center console out, grasping the side of the console trim just below the bottom of the cubby.   Do not try to remove completely
        until you disconnect the cables going to the Start switch on the left and Airbag warning light on the right.


1.4  Reach behind the Airbag warning light and remove the connecting cable.  There is a small tab at the bottom of the connector plug you will 

       need to press up to release it from the housing.  Do not try to remove by pulling on the wires.


1.5  Reach behind the Start switch with a small flat blade screwdriver to depress the small tab on the bottom of the connector plug.  As this is a

       much smaller tab, it is a bit more difficult to find and depress; but you will have to do it by feel.  This will enable you to complete remove the
       center console and surrounding trim and take to your workplace to complete the rest of this procedure.


These steps are shown in the first part of this video.  Unless you also plan to remove your radio, you can stop the video at the 2:45 point.


























2. Replace the Cubby with the Tablet Mounting Bezel assembly


2.1  Set the center console face down on a soft towel on a flat workspace


2.2  Find and remove the two silver Philips head screws securing the storage cubby on each side.


2.3  Loosen one of the AC vent pods by gasping the top and applying slight pressure to the outside to pop out.  Before removing completely note

       the orientation of the tabs and snap back into place so you will know how to reassemble.  After familiarizing yourself with this, go ahead and

       remove both pods.


2.4  Lift out the cubby assembly and set it aside.


2.5  Install the Tablet Mounting Bezel assembly (with installed tablet and other components) in place of the cubby assembly.  Make sure the two

       mounting tabs on each side are aligned over the mounting holes.  Verify that the tablet micro-USB connector has not come loose in handling.


2.6  Reinstall the AC vent pods by aligning to the outside edge first and then pushing down and towards the inside to snap them back into place.
       The mounting tabs should be laying on top of the Tablet Mounting Bezel tabs.  Reinsert the four Philips screws to secure.


This assembly is now ready to go back into your car, but I recommend connecting power to it again and retesting as described in the previous section to verify that it goes into sleep mode when power is removed and wakes up when power is restored.   It is much easier to troubleshoot a connection problem before it goes back into the car.


3. Install the center console assembly in the car.


3.1  Before installing, you will need to connect the power cable to 12V BAT (or always on), 12V IGN (only when ignition is on) and Ground.
       These are available on the cable feeding the Triple Gauge cluster with P1=GND, P2=12V, and P3=IGN or you may be able to find these

       connections on the radio or head unit power connector.   If splicing into an existing cable, I recommend using the 3M solderless Quick Splice
       connector with 20 AWG wire.


3.2  Connect the power cable to the assembly, and reconnect the Start button and Airbag Warning Light.  Press the Start switch to turn the
       ignition ON (not ACC) and verify the table is awake and display on.   Go to Settings and scroll down to USB Host and verify that USB Host

       Mode is active, External power is present, and that the tablet is charging.


3.3  If everything checks out, make sure that the console assembly is fully seated properly, reinsert the two Philips screws securing the console

       trim at the bottom, and complete the rest of the reassembly, in reverse order from Step 1 above.