Frequently Asked Questions


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Will my tablet fit this mounting bezel?


This bezel will accommodate most 7 inch tablets.   The BobJ ruggedized case makes it very convenient to mount the tablet within the bezel and is available from Amazon for most models.  To guide you further, the following table provides more details for the most popular tablets.

























Can I easily take my tablet in and out of the mounting bezel?


This bezel is designed to support a fixed installation, so the answer is probably not unless you find an innovative way to do so.  



Which tablet do you recommend and why?


While I have been accused of being an Apple sheeple more than once, much to the surprise of my friends; Andriod tablets are my hands down choice for car installations due to the ability to customize them through the OS, to control their behavior though Tasker, and On Board Diagnostics monitoring through Torque.   This could change some day if Apple gets CarPlay right; but at least for now choosing Android is a no-brainer.  


The Google (Asus) Nexus 7 tablets are my preferred choice among the Android tablets due to the availabilty of Timur's Custom USB ROM which is explained elsewhere on this site.  I currently recommend the 2012 (1st generation) over the 2013 model because this ROM is available for free download (although he has not committed as to how long he will continue to provide this), and because the 2012 models are being significantly discounted.  Moreover, I recommend buying the Mobile (Wi-Fi + 3G/4G/LTE) over the Wi-Fi only version because of the convenience of internet service.  T-Mobile is currently offering 1 GB/mo for $10-20 without contract.



Will my tablet work with the stock ROM?


The answer is not surprisingly "it depends".  The biggest challenge will be keeping it charged.  If you are prepared to provide continuous power to it, or to have switched power source other than the ignition, you can probably overcome this challenge.  However, be aware that unless you are able to charge it in fast-mode (1.5A), you may find that the normal 500 mA charging rate may not be able to keep up with the applications you are running and it may be discharged during long trips.  There are many other advantages provided by the custom ROMs, but you may get by without them.  


If in doubt and you are really hesitant to go through the OS modification process, I recommend that you start with the stock version and to route the power cable to a source which you can manually switch off the battery.   I really advise against just connecting it to the power ports which are switched off by the ignition.



Where can I tap off to power the tablet?


I recommend using a DC-DC converter power supply which requires connections to GND, +12V (BAT), switched 12V (IGN).  These wires are present in the cable going to the Triple Guage cluster.  I have created an adapter cable which simply plugs into the two existing connectors and provide a secondary cable to bring these pins out.  This is now included in one of the kits and can also be purchased separately for creating their own installation. If you do not want to use this cable and choose to tap into existing cables, I recommend using the Solderless Quick Splice connectors.



How do I reset the tablet after it is mounted?


One trade-off of using the BobJ case which I have recommended is that the tablet switches will no long be accessible.  However, it is possible to install a widget which will enable you to reboot the tablet from an icon and even select recovery options.   I have used this method during my 9 months of development and use and found it to work satisfactory, with few exceptions.  In those cases, I've had to pop out the full trim assembly and reach in from the back to activate the switches; but this under a 5 min exercise and doesn't require removing the tablet and mounting bezel from the radio trim.