Step by step instuctions


These pages have step-by-step guided instructions for each part of the installation and tablet configuration


This will guide you through all steps to back-up your tablet, root, install the TWRP recovery console, install the CyanogenMod custom ROM with Timur's USB Host kernel, and complete the final configuration.  

Don't sweat if terms are foreign or even a bit scary to you as I started from ground zero as well and was able to do it sucessfully even without a step-by-step guide!

Installing the tablet


This guide provides instructions for mounting the tablet and all of the associated components and connecting them so that you're ready to unbolt the cubby and drop this assembly into it's place.

Replacing the cubby


This guide will take you through you through all of the steps to remove the center console trim and cubby assembly, and replace it with your new tablet assembly.


This is a very simple job, even for the first-timer and can be completed within 15 minutes.

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