Putting it all together


The complete installation includes:


  • The Nexus 7 mobile tablet with OS modifications and applications


  • Bobj Rugged Soft Case and bracket for mounting the tablet in the 
    Custom Tablet Mounting Bezel


  • Minibox USB programmable DC-DC power supply connected to

  • Unitek USB3.0 Hub with 5V / 2A Charging Ports


  • HiFime Sabre USB Digital to Audio Converter (DAC) connected to USB Hub and Head Unit Aux-In input


  • Cables & Miscellaneous

    • OTG Y-Cable connecting the tablet (micro-USB) to
      USB Hub input (USB3 B) and charging port (USB A)

    • USB3 B-male to USB3 A-male cable

    • USB A 90 degree adapter

    • Custom power cables for connecting
       - Minibox power supply input to the Triple Gauge harness
       - Minibox power supply output to the USB Hub

    • Stereo audio cable with 3.5mm plugs

    • Neodymium rare earth magnets for attaching the cubby door cover as well as the USB Hub to the Minibox power supply