Tablet Mount, Power & Connection Kit
  • Tablet Mount, Power & Connection Kit

    This kit complements the Tablet Mounting Bezel and includes all of the components required to complete your Nexus 7 installation, including the Triple Gauge Adapter Power Cable
    • Details

      This kit includes:
      - Nexus 7 soft case and U-bracket for mounting the tablet within the Tablet Mounting Bezel
      - Unitek USB 3.0 6 Port Hub with two 5V 2A charging ports
      - Minibox DC-DC USB power supply and case, pre-configured for Automotive mode with 30 min. turn-off delay
      - All cables and adapter needed to connect the Nexus-7 tablet to the USB hub and charging port
      - Power supply input and output cables adapted to plug into power the USB Hub
      - Misc hardware to complete the mounting of all components in the rear of the Tablet Mounting Bezel.

      And here's the game changer - It includes a custom cable to power the Minibox USB Power Supply from the Triple Gauge cable. No need to splice or run new wires. Just simply plug in between the Triple Gauge male & female connectors and you're good to go!

      A 12V DC test module & cable which interfaces to the Minibox PS power cable is also included, This enables you to control 12V BAT and IGN inputs to power supply for testing your tablet installation outside of the car.

      All components are tested before shipment.