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We offer a range of kits to get you started from the bare tablet mounting bezel which directly replaces the storage cubby to a pre-configured tablet and all components and custom cables you will need to complete the installation.


 If you do not find an option that meets your needs, please contact us for a custom quote.

Current Availability as of June 1

                                                                                   In Stock 

    Unfinished Table Mounting Bezel                                0 (forecast 2 after June 15)                  

    Finished Table Mounting Bezel                                   0 (forecast 2 after June 20)                    

    Tablet Mount, Power, & Connection Kit                       1

    USB Audio Kit                                                              1 

    Triple Gauge Power Adapter Cable                            5  

    Allante Black Vinyl                                                       5 



This site does not yet offer me the option to take orders and defer payment processing until items are available to be shipped.  If I'm currently sold out of an item, please contact me before submitting order.