Life is a journey ...

Almost 20 years ago Nissan ran one of their very best ad campaigns featuring a "wizard-like icon, an actor who is supposed to embody the zesty founder and former president of the Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A., Yutaka Katayama" with the tag-line Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. To many long-time Z owners and enthusiasts, this tag-line does more to capture our relationship with these cars and the Z community more so than it ever had to do with selling cars.

This also serves nicely to set the underlying theme of this blog. Regardless if you're relatively new to the Z community or have been around for a few decades, I hope you'll enjoy and appreciate what you find here.

BTW, you can find the first and one of the best commercials from this series here.

And the photo ... is the real Mr. K who has lived his motto for almost 105 years.

"Love cars, Love people, Love life"


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