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Having owned and driven Nissan Zs for 40 years, I've experienced too many Z inspired moments to count. From the sheer solitary bliss of driving a twisty mountain road completely absent of traffic, to the heart racing thrill of pushing my limits at the track, to discovering and making new friends who share the passion; Z's have invigorated my soul since that first glimpse of the original 240Z on the old Dallas-Ft Worth turnpike in 1970.

So it's completely fitting that this new venture into creating and selling my first product is also Z-inspired. A few months after acquiring my 40th AE 370Z, I took off early one morning from DFW for the twisty roads of the eastern Ouachita National Forest. I found the back roads virtually deserted occasionally encountering an old pick-up truck or farm vehicle. Even upon climbing into the hills beyond Talihina reaching the 53 mile drive running along the ridge to Mena, AR; the only other vehicles I encountered was the mowing crew and a couple of mini-vans headed to OK. While not quite Stelvio Pass or even the Tail of the Dragon, being able to drive my Z on an empty twisty road like this is about as good as it gets for us Texans.

During this drive, I had several apps running on my phone including Rhapsody for my music, Trapster for .. well you know, and Dynolicious. On the drive home I could see there was a line of a major thunderstorms starting to grow that would be in my path. I pulled-up NOAA Radar Cast to monitor and decide which route to take to avoid being caught in one of those North Texas hailstorms that can really ruin a good day - and this had been a VERY good day. Armed with the real-time weather radar display, I was able to divert my planned route where I was able to miss hailstorm and got my Z home safely. While I was glad to at least have these apps running on my phone, it was obvious that what I really needed was to have these displayed in the center console cubby.

Although I didn't know it at time, this drive was the inspiration that led me to this point and the formation of 370DesignZ. Now that I've had my cubby tablet computer in my car for six months while refining the design, it more than exceeds my expectations from that day due to the richness of the Android apps and amazing work of developers. It has made even the more mundane trips in my Z a better experience and I'm still discovering many ways to make my drives even more enjoyable. Moreover, it has enable me to meet and work with some outstanding people who also understand and appreciate what Z's can do for the soul. For that, we are all grateful for the original vision and legacy of Mr. K.

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