Step by Step Guide: Nexus 7 Tablet Configuration



1. Enable Developer Mode on Nexus 7


1.1  Click the Settings icon on your tablet / Scroll down to About tablet and tap it

1.2  I recommend to take a picture of the About screen with your phone to have a record of this essential information
      should you ever have to restore back to stock

1.3  Scroll down to Build number

1.4  Tap it seven times, after the third tap you will see a dialogue that says “You are four steps from being a developer”

1.5  Keep tapping until Developer Mode is enabled at which point you will see Developer options under the SYSTEM menu

1.6  Under Developer options, Scroll down to USB debugging and check to enable.   This will enable your PC to Tablet connection


2. Download and install Nexus Root Toolkit (NRT) to your PC


2.1  Open your browser and go to

2.2  Click the button Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.3

2.3  Scroll down the page to Download: and click the link NRT_v1.8.3.sfx.exe [AndroidFileHost.come - Direct Link]

2.4  If you see the option to Run or Save, select Save.   When download is completed, double-click to Run and when presented
        with the screen "Choose the directory to install the toolkit.  Enjoy", use the default path and click Install

2.5  After the installation is completed, you may see this window open.  If so, close it for now.


















3. Configure Nexus Root Toolkit and create first backup


3.1  Connect your tablet to PC via USB cable

3.2  You may see a pop-up on your tablet Allow USB debugging?

       Check the box "Always allow from this computer" and click OK

        In the Notifications area of your Nexus 7, you should see two messages pop up and then disappear

  • Connected as a media device

  • Android debugging enabled


3.3  Open NRT again and click the Initial Setup button Full Driver Installation Guide - Automatic + Manual






























Follow the step by step instruction to ensure the proper drivers are installed.   This is the most tedious process as you

must read the instructions carefully, follow strictly, and be patient while Windows loads and installs the drivers.  Do not 

continue to the next step until you see the Windows taskbar notification that Windows has completed the installation of the drivers.


3.4 Complete the NRT model type selections.  If you have successfully completed the Full Driver Installation, you should be able to

      click the Auto Detect Device + Build button and have this information loaded automatically (after a minute or so).  Otherwise,

      you can enter manually from the drop-down list:

a. Select the device you have: Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi Tablet) or Nexus 7 (Mobile Tablet) 

b. Select the Android build you are currently running: (obtained from tablet "Settings > About tablet > Build number)


3.5  From NRT Main menu, find the Back + Restore section and click Backup, the Backup Utilities menu will pop-up

        a.  Under the Backup All App's section you will see two check boxes.  Check: System apps+data, Uncheck: Shared data

        b.  Click the Create Android Backup File button, and follow the instruction in the pop-up box to switch the tablet to

             Airplane mode (Settings > Wireless & Networks / More / Airplane Mode (click to check)

        c.  Windows Explorer will open on your PC to browse to (or create) folder where you want to save backup

        d.  You will see a messages "Rebooting" and "Waiting for your device"

        e.  On your tablet you will see the first the Fastboot X screen, and then rebooting to your Lock screen.      

        f.  The Create Backup File pop-up box will appear on your PC.

        g.  Read and carefully follow these instructions

        h.  Your tablet will display each step of the backup.  You may find that some application has stopped and cannot be
​             backed up.  The process will pause waiting for you to click Report or OK.  Click OK to continue.

         i.  At the end you will see a pop-up on your PC "Backup Complete!" with the path and filename you previously selected.


4. Unlock & Root Tablet


4.1  Unlocking your tablet

       a.  Go back to the NRT Main Menu and click the button Unlock

       b.  The Unlock - Introduction box will pop-up.   You have just completed the backup step, so click OK to continue

       c.  Another instruction box will pop-up.  Since you are already connected to the PC, click YES to continue

       d.  Read and follow the instructions in the "Booting up your unlocked device" pop-up box 


4.2  Rooting your tablet with Custom Recovery 

       a.  Go back to the NRT Main Menu, check the Custom Recovery box, and click the Root button

       b.  Read the information pop-up box and click OK to continue

       c.  Follow the instructions in the Automated Rooting Procedure Complete! information box.

































4.3  Create a Nandroid Backup of your unlocked and rooted tablet

       a.  Go back to the NRT Main Menu, Click Backup, and then click Create Nandroid Backup w/ Custom Recovery in the

             Backup Utilities menu

       b.  The Nandroid pop-up box will open.  Select the options shown as follows, and click Confirm Operation, then OK to start































        c.  This process will reboot the tablet several times and take up to 30 minutes to complete.  Follow the progress displayed by
            the pop-up information boxes and be patient.

        d. When completed, you will have the option to leave the back-up copy on your tablet.  This is recommended if you have

            sufficient available space, but in any case you will be able to restore it from the copy saved on your PC