5. Install CyanogenMod USB Custom ROM


5.1  Download and save Timur's USB ROM from the following links:

       a.  For 2012 (1st Generation) Nexus 7 Models, go to http://mehrvarz.github.io/nexus-7-usbrom/

            i. For Wi-Fi only version ...   Grouper-WiFi -2013-08-17 

           ii. For Mobile 3G version ...  Tilapia-3G-2013-08-17


       b.  For 2013 (2nd Generation) Nexus 7 Models, go to https://timur.mobi/timurs-kernel-n7-2013/

            As this is currently available as a developer release, you will need to

            Click the button Become a sponsor, to obtain access to the software 

            This version requires payment of 30 Euro (~ $42.00)


5.2  The 2012 Mobile version also requires an updated TWRP recovery partition image.

        If you have the Wi-Fi only version skip this step.

       a. Download the file from here https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23156208500214432 and save on your PC


5.3  Connect Tablet to PC and open Windows Explorer window to browse to Nexus 7 Internal storage

       a. for Wi-Fi only version ...  copy Grouper-WiFi-2013-08-17 file to Nexus 7/Internal storage/!ReadyToFlash

       b. for Mobile 3G version ...  copy Tilapia-3G-2013-08-17 and TWRP files to Nexus 7/Internal storage/!ReadyToFlash

           (note: these file names contain the software release date which should not be confused with the Nexus 7 model)


5.4  Go to NRT Main Menu and click LAUNCH under Advanced Utilities.   Click Reboot Recovery under Quick tools

       This will open TWRP on the tablet


5.5  Press the WIPE button on the TWRP menu.   Swipe to Factory Reset and press Back when complete.


5.6  Press the Back icon (reverse arrow) to return to the TWRP main menu.  Press Install on the TWRP menu.  

       Select the file cm-10.1-20130817-USBROM-grouper.zip.  Swipe to Confirm Flash.


5.7  You should see Successful when complete.   Press Reboot System.


5.8  Unlock tablet after reboot and open Settings, scroll to About > Build number and tap 7 times to re-enable Developer Mode


5.9  Scroll to Developer options and check to enable the following:

       - Advance Reboot

       - Stay awake

       - Android debugging

       - USB debugging notify


5.10  Restore Google Apps

         a. Go to http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Google_Apps

         b. Scroll down to Downloads, find Version CM10.1 and download the package from one of the available links.

         c. Connect Tablet to PC and open Windows Explorer window to browse to the location where package was saved.
            Copy the file to Nexus 7/Internal storage/!ReadyToFlash

         d. Go to NRT Main Menu and click LAUNCH under Advanced Utilities. Click Reboot Recovery under Quick tools.

             This will open TWRP on the tablet

         e. Click Install and scroll down to select the file gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip (make sure this is only file selected)



6. Configure and Update Settings


     6.1  Go to Settings / Interface / Launcher

            - General: Auto-rotate screen [checked]


    6.2  Go to Settings / Device / Display

           - Font size [Huge]


    6.3  Go to Settings / System / Accessibility

           - Large Text [checked]

           - Auto-rotate screen [checked]


    6.4 Go to Settings / USB Host

           - Fixed installation mode [checked]

           - Fast charging USB host [checked]

           - Firm sleep [Off]

           - Landscape UI [On]


    6.5  Developer Options

           - Advanced reboot [checked]

           - Android debugging [checked]

           - USB debugging notify [checked]

           - Power menu bug reports [checked]

           - Verify apps over USB [checked]



7. Create second Nandroid Backup


       a.  Go back to the NRT Main Menu, Click Backup, and then click Create Nandroid Backup w/ Custom Recovery in the

             Backup Utilities menu


       b.  The Nandroid pop-up box will open.  Select the options as before, but change the Custom Backup Folder Name to

             something like "After_CM10.1_USBROM_Install", and click Confirm Operation, then OK to start


       c.  This process will reboot the tablet several times and take up to 30 minutes to complete.  Follow the progress displayed by

            the pop-up information boxes and be patient.


       d.  When completed, you will have the option to leave the back-up copy on your tablet.  This is recommended if you have

            sufficient available space, but in any case you will be able to restore it from the copy saved on your PC.